Manufacturers are challenged to “test every batch” to help rid the supply chain of unwanted methanol.

If you are a manufacturer who regularly uses ethyl alcohol in your production process, you’ve undoubtedly received statements regarding the new testing requirements mandated by the USP.

Methanol has found its way into the ethanol supply chain and the new regulations will change the way your company works. Annual or spot-testing has been replaced with a scenario where testing every batch is the new normal in the face of this new threat.

QUANTUM Analytics Group provides accurate, efficient and consistent testing for a wide variety of manufacturers including cosmetics, flavor & fragrance, OTC pharmaceutical, medical device and private label contractors.

Whether you use a few gallons a week or thousands of gallons a day, QUANTUM can manage your methanol tests and safeguard your production process timelines. Let us know how your processes are affected by the new regulations. Call 866-840-6948 to speak with one of our experts.


It may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many companies miss this simple strategy when faced with the new “test-every-batch” scenario. You might be used to buying alcohol one gallon at a time. But you’ll pay to test each gallon. Consider moving up to a 55-gallon drum and pay once to test the entire drum. Quite simply – with these new regulations…buy in bulk!

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