Analytical, Chemical, Product Testing and Method Development/Validation Specialists

Quantum Analytics Group is a full-service FDA-registered and audited contract laboratory providing a wide range of chemical and material analysis and testing services. We are experts in chemical analysis, and for almost three decades, clients have trusted and relied upon Quantum in providing routine and non-routine analytical testing for pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, cosmetics, beauty products, and a diverse range of other products and industries.

We support manufacturers with chemical testing services that solve a variety of complex analytical problems. These include identifying and solving product impurity and contamination issues, quality and performance issues, product development support, reverse engineering, and addressing regulatory and compliance problems.

Case Studies

Using an array of advanced techniques and innovative technology, we conduct highly precise analytical testing for various industries.

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Testing Services

Our analytical services support the testing needs of companies across a broad spectrum of high-tech, high-impact and highly regulated industries.

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All work performed by Quantum utilizes state-of-the-art instrumentation with an extensive range of analytical techniques and instrumental capabilities.

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The Company We Keep Speaks For Itself

Trusted Expert Scientific Services

We provide cGMP/GLP/QMS compliant and expert scientific testing services that support Method Development & Validation, quality and compliance issues, label verification of actives, materials identification, failure analysis, product characterization, impurities identification, contamination identification, raw materials analysis, packaging failures, off-odors,off-colors, and more.

No matter what high-tech, high-impact, and highly regulated industry your company is in, our scientific experts have your testing needs covered.

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