Failure Analysis ServicesDetermine the key causes of failure and produce products with top-quality performance and resistance to potential malfunctions with Quantum Analytics Group. We provide failure analysis to help fix defects and prevent them from recurring. Our company executes precise analytical testing for manufacturers using various modern methodologies and revolutionary technologies. We use our cutting-edge analytical skills to verify quality and meet regulatory requirements.

What Is Failure Analysis?

Failure analysis is the process of investigating the reason for a failure and taking corrective action to remedy the problem and prevent future losses. It is performed throughout all phases of the manufacturing process to avoid future asset and product failures while safeguarding people and the environment from potentially severe threats.

Benefits of Failure Analysis

Below are some of the advantages of failure analysis:

  • Understand the Root Cause of Failure
  • Prevent Product or System Failure
  • Generate Better Results
  • Improve Future Processes and Products
  • Prevent Financial Losses and Penalties from Failed Components
  • Meet Standards for Products and Assets
  • Determine Liability for Failure

Increasing Your Competitive Marketability

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