Quantum’s chemical and material testing service aides in characterizing materials for identity, contaminants, purity, properties, impurities, and more. Often, the objective of material characterization is to develop information on the chemistry of the major and minor components in a substance or material.

Whether it is determining the active ingredients in an unknown material or creating a method to remove unwanted contaminants, our chemists have the experience and knowledge needed to apply the appropriate techniques to arrive at meaningful answers and solutions.

Our chemical and material testing service applications

  • Research & development: for basic research and the testing of new concepts and materials
  • Process development: to test new processes, designs and tools
  • Production: to qualify incoming materials; monitoring; quality control
  • Process improvement: to monitor process changes and subsequent process performance
  • Failure analysis: to investigate problems for contamination/defect analysis; to identify contaminant sources; for good/bad comparisons. In many Manufacturing Product Failure cases, an unknown contaminant is usually the main cause of the failure.

Typical contamination testing and identification projects have involved off-odor/flavor investigations, off-color problems, or foreign particles in a product. Some sources of contaminants have been from the environment, from improper storage of the product, or due to poor quality raw materials. We work closely with our clients to trace the source of contamination and develop a realistic corrective action program.

In Chemical Product Development cases, clients often utilize Quantum’s analytical services to identify components of a competing product or those of a critical but discontinued raw material.

Our laboratory has the capability to analyze for a wide variety of materials and chemicals

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