From regulatory consulting and safety, to reverse engineering and product development, to product failure analysis and quality control services, Quantum’s consumer product testing services can help solve a variety of complex analytical problems and questions.

Our highly experienced and knowledgeable chemists utilize state of the art instrumentation, such as FTIR, HPLC, GC, GC/MS and other analytical instrumentation to develop a complete understanding of the analytical problem and solution.

Our custom testing and analysis services are designed to solve your manufactured product questions:

  • Quality Control Analysis – Solve product failure analysis, batch-to-batch testing, help prevent future product quality issues
  • Analysis of Competing Products – Identify what gives your competitor’s product that extra performance boost or unique appearance
  • Verifying or Disproving of Marketing Claims – Increase your customers by giving credibility to your product through independent testing
  • Deformulation – Formulation reverse engineering services
  • Product Development – Reformulation and formulation services, method development and validation.
  • Litigation Support Services – patent infringement, contamination, and product liability
  • Physical and Performance Testing – Including durability, strength, and corrosion/chemical resistance testing
  • Shelf Life Studies – Shelf life testing both real time and accelerated. Product degradation & lifetime analysis

Quantum’s non-routine product testing & analysis investigations are custom designed to solve your analytical needs. Our experts can perform analyses on individual components, product prototypes, and finished products. We can perform analysis on both organic and inorganic materials.

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