We provide a wide range of analytical testing services that characterize the chemical or material differences that affect your product's quality or performance. From identifying and solving product quality and performance issues, to impurities and contaminates, and support for regulatory and compliance issues, we help you address and resolve your toughest problems

Quantum Analytics Group's chemists and scientist have the experience and knowledge needed to apply the appropriate techniques to arrive at meaningful answers and solutions cost-effectively.

Quantum's analytical laboratory services can help address such problems as:

  • Verifying Quality
  • Meeting Regulatory Compliance Requirements
  • Identifying Contaminants
  • Investigating Product Performance Issues
  • Failure analysis
  • Support for Product Development
  • Resolving Method Performance Issues
  • Identify the causes of off-odor/off-color
  • Resolving Packing Failures

Our laboratory has the capability to analyze for a wide variety of materials and chemicals:

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